Mentor vs. Coach

MVP Mentor MVP Coach
Time Commitment One year commitment. Once a month meetings. Minimum 60 minutes per mentoring session. One-time sessions with different MVP students based on coach’s availability. Minimum 30 minutes per coach session.
Objectives Sessions based on professional development and career planning. Targeted coaching sessions based on the specific industry expertise.
Approach Informal and relationship-based, with the mentor offering support, guidance, and advice based on their own expertise. Structured and directive, with the coach providing specific guidance and feedback to the MVP student.
Audience MVP Fellows: College Sophomores-Seniors. MVP Students: Ages 18-29 looking to kickstart or transition their careers. 
How to sign up

Mentor Testimonials

As a mentor you have the ability to stay current and access different generations and see how they are looking at the world.

— PJ Leary, Mentor

A productive, successful mentoring relationship provides a safe space for exploring options, sharing and working through challenges, and celebrating accomplishments.

— Lynn Harris, Mentor Champion

It is rewarding for me as a mentor because more people benefit from our exchanges with rippling effects. Mentoring provides me the opportunity to give back and pay forward. A large part of my success is due to the counsel of mentors and the help of advocates, both formal and informal, who invested in me.

— Marissa Brock, Mentor